Rabbits are small, furry, mammals with long ears, short fluffy tails, and strong, large hind legs. The male is called buck while the female is called doe. They are also called bunny. They are called small because the giant or biggest breed weighs 5kg and their average weight is 2.0kg (adult). Rabbit comes in various beautiful colors and #mykolo rabbits comes in green, blue, red, yellow and brown. Rabbits are swift animals with a very great speed. To save money and achieve your financial goals with swift, you ought to have something as a reminder that you see on a daily basis and we don’t think there is a better animal in the #mykolo animals that represent swift more than #mykolo bunny. Get one today and start tucking away those little change(s) on a daily basis and you will be surprised at what you saved in few months

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