All Men require a good house and a good car. It was the dream of Late Henry Ford that the average American and indeed all men in the world would be able to afford a Car. Thus, after we introduced Mykolo house to encourage people to save towards buying a land, building a house or buying a Home from property managers it became our dream also that all Family in Lagos and indeed everyone in Nigeria could be spurred to save towards buying a car and what more vehicle shape can be used other than the well-known DANFO OF LAGOS. The Danfo bus needs no major introduction/explanation to anyone who has visited the city of Lagos. A rickety yellowbus with black stripes in the middle.The chauffeur is mostly careless and they do have a bus conductor who helps to collect transport fare from the passengers. It’s an inconvenient means of road transportation for many but only a few of the populace do have an option of not boarding one from time to time thus many wish to get their own vehicle after a bad experience or two with the Danfo bus. So what more can provocate you to save for that car you have always dreamt about other than a wooden replica of the danfobus? Mykolo just redefined transportation in Lagos with this Mykolo danfobecause here you don’t spend money, you save it!

Drop your change ‘ O wa’ in this bus and collect it later to either start paying for a car installment or a car loan. What a WAWU!



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