Jumbo the Elephant


Elephants are the largest mammal in Africa and Asia; the two continents where they are found. They are big, strong and intelligent animal. The male elephants are called BULL, females called COW and the young ones CALVE. Elephants are not fast animals due to their big status but what they lack in speed they made up with their high intelligence. Elephant color is always disputed with some people saying they are black while other scientists said they are grey in colour but recent studies has given a greyish black as the color of the elephant skin. #Mykolo elephants have so many color varieties for kids including yellow, red, blue and green aside the grey colour. Other important features of the elephants are their large ears, long trunk and strong tusk. Elephants are herbivores in nature. A very good characteristic of the elephant is that Elephants form deep family bonds and live in tight matriarchal family groups of related females called a herd. The herd is led by the oldest and often largest female in the herd, called MATRIACH. The matriarch teaches the younger one as well as leading them to safety through her wisdom. Mothers, you can intelligently lead your children to financial independence and safety by getting #mykolo elephant for them to be keeping money on a daily or weekly basis.

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