Willie the Whale


Whales are the biggest specie of animal that ever existed. They are water animals and do rarely survives on the land. It natural colors are black and white or blue and white. #Mykolowhales (also called willy whale) comes in green, red, blue and natural wooden color to give kids a good variety of this wonderful blobby shaped animal. One similar feature between the natural whale and #mykolo wooden whale is the presence of holes {blowholes}, located on the top of the head of the animal. For the #mykolo hole that is where you insert your money for keep after rolling the notes carefully while for the natural whale that is what is used to breathe while they are submerged inside water because like every other mammal, whale also breathe in oxygen although they live inside the water. Unlike most animals, whales are conscious breathers. All mammals sleep, but whales cannot afford to become unconscious for long because they may drown. This conscious effort can also be imbibed by anyone who wishes to be financially free by developing a conscious habit of savings making them different from others who most times are unconscious in the way they spend their money.

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